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Boardrooms & Conference Rooms

We customise any audio visual solution you need to deliver the technology required to make your boardroom and office ready for any presentation or board meeting.

Infinite AV Solutions can design your board room or conference room to reflect your organisation’s needs. With a range of AV and Sound equipment and easy use of control systems, your boardroom or conference room can function with ease. Meeting rooms can be designed to be flexible and functional and training rooms can be configured with multiple set-ups of the sound and projection systems to help with training. We can design AV installations to cater to changing room configurations, install Epson Interactive Projectors, LED screens and video conferencing with external feed abilities. With our range of technology and expert technicians we can turn every room into an amazing conference space

Infinite AV Solutions can work within and streamline your current system; design and develop a system to meet your needs; ensure ease of operation with programmable switching gear; provide AV systems that can be modified to meet individual needs; design AV installation suits to board room facilities and provide equipment that will optimise your board and meeting rooms.

Infinite AV Solutions Provides

  • Epson Interactive Projectors suited to Meeting Rooms
  • LED Screens
  • Sound Options
  • Front Row Calypso Control panels for easy-to-use controls
  • Video Conferencing Setups for interstate/international Conferencing
  • Concealed fittings to maintain a clean look

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For the past 15+ years we have provided our AV solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries

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How Does It Work

It is a really simple process. We include the full support package from quotation to follow-up.

Once you put through a quotation request, one of our specialists will give you a ring to organise an onsite inspection to go through everything you are after. From there they will supply you with a quotation. Once you accept the quotation the supplies will be ordered and installation will begin, they will then test everything to ensure it is working and show you how to use the system. Finally, we will do a follow-up chat a week or two afterwards to ensure your satisfaction.

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